Portis Group


Whatever the company, product, service or institution might be, it needs a distinct way of defining itself in the marketplace. A way to build an understanding of what it stands for and a way to resonate across diverse audiences. Meaning comes from insight into the essence of an organization—who it is and what it wants to become. This is where our design process begins. We take out the microscope to discover opportunities and open the door to understanding the principles, values and ideas at the core of a brand.

We work with leaders at the height of their industries as well as entrepreneurs anxious to hit the streets with innovative new ideas. Our close collaborations allow us to thoroughly understand their mission, grasp their vision and then clearly articulate their brand’s attributes. Whether our clients are looking to solve a problem, attract a new audience, or resonate more broadly, measuring the distance starts with a powerful diagnostic process.

Distilling this information into its purest and simplest form is a complex process that requires skill and experience. But in the end, a unique design system made up of words, images and ideas emerges. Giving access to the brand by making it tangible. Positioning the organization for growth through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty. Setting the stage for greater success.