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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

Starting with a 500 page strategic plan, Portis Group was retained to distill this document into a compelling case statement for the launch of a multimillion dollar statewide fundraising campaign. Through various grants and partnerships, the Conservancy will leverage this amount for a total benefit to Wyoming’s conservation of $160 million. A key goal of this piece was to instill confidence in potential donors and demonstrate that a gift to The Nature Conservancy is a worthwhile investment with measurable, attainable results.

The content takes the reader through the case, the specific need for support, and the strengths of the Conservancy as it reinforces urgency. Careful attention was given to typography, grid structure, tone of voice, pacing and margins to convey qualities such as reliability, experience and professionalism. Full page scenic photographs depicting Wyoming landscapes and wildlife were exhaustively researched and carefully chosen to highlight specific areas of the state that would have the greatest impact from conservation efforts. The art director located working cattle drives across the state, and together, with a photographer, followed these drives into the mountains to capture authentic imagery.

Portis Group presented recommendations to link their three main initiatives visually with parallel spreads. This thoughtful design approach brings the reader closer to each initiative and makes them feel that they can be a part of the solution. Researching actual stakeholder stories and weaving these through the narrative was included to add a human element and emotional impact to build a relationship with the viewer.

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